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2012 Oscar Predictions

I used to get so excited for the Oscars. I just loved all award shows. But, I don’t know, I got older and celebrities patting themselves on the back during a super long ceremony lost its appeal. Plus, as a parent, now I don’t have time to see all the movies. But, I still tune in for a bit – though I don’t miss my bedtime anymore – and I like to hear who wins.

While the Oscars can be pretty predictable, especially if you read as many entertainment blogs and magazines as I do, I always hope for a little something different to happen. Here are my predictions of the winners…ahem…recipients. I’m also including a Dark Horse, just in case the voters took time to think outside the box a bit.


Will win: The Artist. While it seems silly for a primarily silent film to win in this day and age, you can’t deny the hype. Plus it won the Golden Globe for Comedy/Musical.

Dark horse: But, The Descendants won the Golden Globe for Drama, so.


Will win: Alexander Payne or Michel Hazanavicius. Whatever film above wins the Oscar, I say the other’s director goes home with this prize.

Dark horse: Martin Scorsese. Hugo’s been getting a lot of praise, so if I could have two Dark horses for Best Picture, I’d pick Hugo, thus making Scorsese a possible winner here.


Will win: George Clooney. I thought he did a great job in The Descendants.

Dark horse: Jean Dujardin. Again, the hype, and American voters don’t shy away from giving Oscars to nominees from other countries.


Will win: Viola Davis. I’m totally fine with this; she was amazing in The Help.

Dark horse: Glenn Close. She’s never won, which seems absurd, like it’s time for a “body of work” honor this year. Plus, she plays a man in Albert Nobbs and voters like that sort of thing.

* But this happens nearly every year. The ladies are just too good and it’s impossible to root against any of them.


Will win: Christopher Plummer, if only because he’s awesome (see also “body of work” honor mentioned above).

Dark horse: Plummer will win, so I’m going to go way out on a limb here and say Jonah Hill. They don’t call it “dark horse” for nothing. Plus, if Moneyball is going to get any love, maybe it’s here?


Will win: Octavia Spencer. If anyone was better than Viola Davis in The Help, it was Spencer.

Dark horse: Melissa McCarthy. While I don’t think her acting in Bridesmaids was quite worth the astounding praise it received, I would be lying if I didn’t say it would kick ass if she won for being the fat girl in a gross-out comedy written by women.


Will win: Wow, the pickings are slim, so Rango, if only because it’s the strongest of the American offerings.

Dark horse: Chico & Rita

MUSIC (Original Score)

Will win: Ludovic Bource for The Artist.

Dark horse: Because John Williams is nominated twice and probably cancels himself out, I’ll say Howard Shore for Hugo.


Will win: The Descendants, especially if it doesn’t win Best Picture.

Dark horse: Because they won’t give Clooney two Oscars in one year, I won’t say The Ides of March, but instead Hugo for its praise as of late.


Will win: The Artist. How a movie can win for Best Picture but not for writing doesn’t make sense, so that’s why I predict The Artist.

Dark horse: But I hope its Bridesmaids, just for the Girl Power and hearing Kristen Wiig’s acceptance speech.

Here's hoping I'm wrong about a lot of these and the Oscars shake things up! What are your predictions?







I haven't seen most of the movies, either! I miss movies. I also hope Bridesmaids wins for Original Screenplay. And since the only other movie I've seen is The Help, I am going to cheer for those ladies, too.

And the winners are ...

Sadly, I haven't seen enough Oscar-worthy movies to make a list of predictions (I've only seen The Help, Bridesmaids, and Rango), but I do like your list!!
I, too, hope Melissa McCarthy wins for "Bridesmaids." She was HILARIOUS.

And I appreciate the effort that went into creating a movie like The Artist. I bet it's tough to make a movie look so authentically old fashioned!

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