Amanda Gates

2013 Oscars Predictions

It's almost Oscar time! I did this last year, and I did fairly well, actually. (Meryl was a surprise, but I suppose, honestly, she shouldn't have been.) Here are my thoughts again. Long story short, it's Lincoln's year, unless its hype ends up working against it.

Best Picture

Will win: Lincoln.

Dark Horse: Argo. Or it got the Golden Globe as the next best thing.

Best Director

Will win: Steven Spielberg.

Dark Horse: Michael Haneke for Amour. Amour seems like a film Oscar voters would love, so maybe they’d give the director this over Best Picture.

Best Actor

Will win: Daniel Day-Lewis. People have just raved about his performance and he’s one of those actors (kind of like Meryl) who you just don't want to be up against.

Dark Horse: I really don’t think it’s another man’s game at all, but I’ll say Denzel.

Best Actress

I said this last year, but the actress categories are always filled with talent that in the end, who cares who wins -- they all rock.

Will win: Hmmm, I was going in thinking Jessica Chastain until Jennifer Lawrence started taking home all the awards leading up to this, so I’ll go with Lawrence.

Dark Horse: Emmanuelle Riva. Like I said last year, the Oscars love to give away an award or two to foreign-born actors (plus, they give so much better acceptance speeches).

Supporting Actor

I’m going out on a limb here, because wow, this is a close race. All good performances, all past winners. Could be anybody.

Will win: Alan Arkin, because he’s my favorite of the bunch.

Dark Horse: Tommy Lee Jones. He’s doing financial planning/retirement commercials, so maybe another Oscar is needed?

Supporting Actress

Will win: I think it’s Anne Hathaway’s year.

Dark Horse: Sally Field, because that would be cool.

Animated Film

Will win: Brave, because it’s just prettier than the rest.

Dark Horse: Wreck-It Ralph has been getting some praise as of late.

Foreign Language Film

Will win: Amour. If it can be nominated for both Best Picture and this, then it will probably win this one.

Dark Horse: I don’t have one; not familiar with the rest.

Original Score

Will win: Does John Williams’ stuff just start to sound the same after more than 20 Spielberg films? I’ll go with Mychael Danna for Life of Pi.

Dark Horse: Thomas Newman for Skyfall.

Original Song

Will win: Adele. Obviously. She wins everything she’s up for and this will be no different. Her speech will be charmingly lovely, too, I assume.

Dark Horse: Not even going to bother.

Adapted Screenplay

Will win: Lincoln. I would love to see Kushner win an Oscar. I've been a fan ever since I had to thoroughly study Angels in America in college drama class.

Dark Horse: Argo, so it can at least win something? Silver Linings Playbook might be worthy of the “at least give it something” award here, too.

Original Screenplay

Will win: Only because I think Django and Zero Dark Thirty might be too controversial to win for writing, I’ll say Moonrise Kingdom.

Dark Horse: Flight. People seemed to really like this movie.

What are your thoughts? Did you have a favorite of the nominees?



I agree with most of these, actually, except two of the big categories. I think Argo is going to win Best Picture, because of all the uproar over Ben Affleck not being nominated in the Director category. I also think Robert DeNiro will pull it off for Supporting Actor. (However, that category seems to be the most up in the air.) I think the only sure thing is Anne Hathaway winning for Supporting Actress. Oh, and Adele.

By the way, the only movie I've seen that has any nominations is Skyfall, but I still like to make predictions. :)

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