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A Musings - October 2013

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Two of my favorite shows from the last decade are The Office and Parks & Rec, so it really shouldn’t have been a surprise that I would dig Brooklyn Nine-Nine since it was created by Office/P&R writers/creators. It’s my favorite new fall show. It took an episode or two to really like the characters (it took that for P&R, too), but Andy Samberg is really good at sitcom acting, Andre Braugher plays a hilarious, ahem, straight man, and the supporting players quickly grew on me. Good show.

Toy Story of Terror: I love Toy Story. All of them. A lot. And that’s a good thing, because in the last year or so, I’ve watched A LOT of Toy Story. (My kid cracks me up by quoting Spanish Buzz, “Senorita? Dondé esta?!”) The husband and I checked out Toy Story of Terror, which premiered the other night. The cleverness just doesn’t go away with this brand. On a road trip with Bonnie, the toys find themselves in a run-down, roadside motel and get in a bit of a pickle when they explore during the night. While I think it might be a tad frightening for my preschooler, it’s still remarkable for a 30-minute special.

Promised Land by the Milk Carton Kids: I always find new songs to love in the ending montages of TV shows and this one was on last week’s episode of Bones. After looking them up, looks like the Milk Carton Kids are group that’s just starting to make a big name for itself. I’m never in the know about breakout stars, but I think this group has a big future. (Other songs from TV shows I've instantly downloaded: Cloud Cult’s You Were Born from HIMYM, Joshua Radin’s My My Love from Parenthood (I get many songs from this show), Rilo Kiley’s Arms Outstretched from Weeds, etc.)

Take Your Licks by Amy Poehler: Just when you think you can’t love her more, she writes a sweet essay like this one. My favorite line, “It’s important to know when it’s time to turn in your kazoo.”

Mike Derheim’s TEDx Talk: He talks about engaging your workforce and how Millennials aren’t entitled, they just want to be empowered… and employers aren’t doing this. At his company, The Nerdery (always named a top place to work in Minnesota), everyone is co-president. It’s not about rules and regulations; it’s about less of those things. “Why not let people pick their own hours? Why not show people the picture of success and get out of their way while they try to achieve it?” Bravo, man. There’s a reason he’s grown his company to 450 extremely happy employees in just 10 years.

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