Amanda Gates

Book: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

I feel a bit sorry that Mindy Kaling’s book came out the same year as Tina Fey’s. Because the comparisons are going to be there, and one is definitely the stronger, funnier book (Bossypants). But then, Tina Fey has a longer, more varied career (plus a marriage and children) and much more material from which to draw. With that being said, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? was definitely a delightful, quick read.

I like how Kaling affirms that people think she’s just like Kelly Kapoor on The Office. I like the stories of a writer’s life and how she really worked to get where she is today. I like how she’s just more proof that kids who were on the fringe in high school can go on to make it big. I related to so many of her ideas: having best friends, wanting marriage and a family, not understanding one-night stands, the difference between boys and men. And while I’m not in the limelight like she is, her struggles with being a size 8 or 10 (and fluctuating) and being accepting of that, especially in Hollywood, were taken to heart.

Some of her other essays were just quick peeks into her creative and silly mind. While some were head-scratching and a bit of a miss, others were completely hilarious. Like I said with Bossypants (again with the comparisons), it’s refreshing to read a self-deprecating book about someone famous and realize they could be your friend in real life.

So, my request: Amy Poehler, you’re next. I want to read about you! Because both Tina and Mindy have the most wonderful things to say about Amy that I know I’d love to read essays by her too.


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