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This isn’t news, because I have yet to hear one major criticism of Tina Fey’s book, but I loved Bossypants. Sure, it isn’t a shocking yet moving memoir of overcoming abuse or drugs or an eating disorder, but it’s a sweet, and hilarious, look into the life of one of the hottest women on the planet right now. Things I loved:

Don Fey: Fey dedicates an entire chapter to her dad, and I LOVE him. I love what he wears, I love his stoic demeanor, I love his parenting techniques and I love how much Tina loves him.

The humbleness: So, Tina’s this big star, right? Yet she’s got a self-deprecating humbleness that’s instantly charming. She knows she wasn’t a looker in her early years and she embraces that (she’s like the rest of us!). She knows the only reason 30 Rock was picked up, and probably has lasted this long and won Emmys, is because of Alec Baldwin. When people actually liked her Sarah Palin impression – which up until two days before, she wasn’t even going to do – she was shocked that people found her funny at all. And I believe it – I don’t think that’s bullshit.

Her being a working mom: I have no idea how she worked on SNL, developed a sitcom and had a baby all at the same time. Seriously, I get edgy on my 6 hours of sleep/night and I’m guessing she regularly gets far less. But, she loves her kid and isn’t ashamed of having a regular babysitter or of formula feeding (though the mommy guilt is still there – she’s like the rest of us!).

Learning the behind the scenes stuff: While it’s disgusting that male SNL writers find other places to relieve themselves other than the bathroom, it’s still cool to learn these little secrets. It’s a man’s world – improv and comedy – but from her days at Second City, Tina (and Amy Poehler) started breaking down those walls. And not in an angry-self-righteous way, either. It’s great to read about; yet she doesn’t shove it down your throat.

(The things I hate? The cover. Ick.)

I read it fast, and then proceeded to lend it out to no less than seven other women. It’s fabulous – not ground-breaking and probably easy, but fabulous - and I think all her praise is well deserved.


So funny

As one of the no less than seven other women, thank you! I laughed so hard at parts of this book. So hard at one point, in fact, that I think I crossed over to a crazy person on the bus.

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