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Fall TV Schedule: What I'll be Watching

Last year I gave my thoughts on some of the new shows to hit primetime. I think I did a pretty good job, too; nearly all I predicted to get cancelled did. (Once Upon a Time hung on; I’m impressed (I don’t watch it).) I don’t have as strong of opinions this time around, but here’s what I’ll be watching for sure and also what I’ll be checking out as potential additions. (It’s long. I unapologetically love TV.)


A pretty dead night for us. We’ll either watch DVR’d shows or football, in addition to:

America’s Funniest Home Videos: We get quite the kick out of this show in our house, so it’s always on while we’re cooking dinner.

Walking Dead: My husband convinced me to watch this show and while it still scares me, I can’t look away. I’m very excited for the third season to see what Woodbury and the prison settings bring to the group.


Like I said last year, I just love everything about this show. I think it’s getting ready to wrap up though (Jason Segal’s ready to move on to bigger things; I thought NPH should’ve been picked for Regis’ spot, but he has big things in store, I'm sure), and while I’ll miss it, I can’t wait to see what happens.

Bones: Moved to Mondays! Brennan’s on the lam without Booth; we have a great, new regular villain; the Jeffersonian team needs to save the day…. It’s all very exciting. I love Brennan and Booth together.

Revolution: I’m actually kind of intrigued. I don’t know if we can fit another hour-long drama into the schedule, but I think I want to give this a shot. Plus, I enjoy Billy Burke.


Tuesday has become the new Thursday. Too many shows, something will have to give.

Raising Hope: We get a kick out of this show. Just the right amount of silliness. Martha Plimpton and Garret Dillahunt are the true heart and humor of the show.

New Girl: A year ago I was worried this would just be a show about a dumb girl living with dumb guys. It’s not. This show just got funnier and funnier with every single episode. Quotable lines, awesome references (See CeCe Run, “C'mon, man, I'm not going to get Winklevossed because of your sloppiness.”). Can’t wait for new episodes.

The Mindy Project: I think this looks cute. My husband isn’t sure, but I think/hope this will be right up my alley.

Happy Endings: At the end of last season, I said this was a show I wouldn’t mind picking up this year. We watched a few and laughed at them all. But then they put it on against New Girl!

Go On: We watched the pilot a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it. I really do love Matthew Perry and want to see him succeed (He has some gray hair and looks so distinguished in this show). This show seems to have some heart and lots of humor. Will it last? I don’t know. But I want to watch a few more episodes at least. It’s after The Voice, which is a good lead in, but on the other hand it's against Happy Endings and New Girl, which is a tough spot.

Parenthood: It’s back! Will Sarah say yes to Mark’s proposal? How will Crosby and Jasmine do as a married couple? Will Amber stay on the right path? Hattie goes to college! I just love, love, love this show. Bring on the drama and let the tears flow.

Southland: We love this show, too. It’s back in February for 10 episodes.


We might need to use this day to watch some of the shows from Tuesday.

The Middle: I said it last year and I’ll say it again: This is a great show. It’s a true image of middle-class America. The complete opposite of (and more realistic than) Modern Family. An average looking family struggling to buy groceries and fix the dishwasher, wondering how they’ll get from day to day, while exhibiting questionable parenting. But at the end of the day, there’s love. I tear up at the end of nearly every episode.

Modern Family: While I can’t relate to this show in its richie-rich feel, it’s still hilarious. I feel sorry that Jay is going to become a father in his grandfather years (why do shows always have to add new babies?), but it adds a new element I suppose.

Animal Practice: OK, so I love that Justin Kirk is in primetime, but why on a show like this? Why with a monkey. Why? I think I’ll watch the first few episodes in support of Andy Botwin, but I don’t have high hopes that I’ll love it, or that it’ll make it to a full season.

Guys with Kids: I don’t know. Looks kind of funny? Maybe we’ll tune in between The Middle and Modern Family.


Thursday is going to look a lot different next year, that’s for sure.

The Big Bang Theory: We gave up on 30 Rock last year, so now at least we won’t have to DVR anything while we watch Big Bang, which is still hilariously good. Though Sheldon’s become a caricature of his original role and that’s a little sad to me. But I love the ladies of the show!

Up All Night: Kind of like Modern Family in its rich-people feel, but we loved every episode of this show last year. And while I didn’t appreciate Ava in the beginning, her character really grew on me by the end. I’m excited it’s back.

The Office: I was about to give up. If this wasn’t the last season, I wouldn’t be watching. But, I’m going to see my once-favorite show through to the end.

Parks & Rec: At least this show came along to take the place of The Office in my heart. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Leslie and Ben and everyone else. Ann with Tom? It’s a train wreck and I have no idea where the writers are going with that one.

Elementary: I’m intrigued. I haven’t gotten into any of the other Sherlock shows that have come up in the past few years, but I do love Lucy Liu (she was excellent on Southland last season), so I think I want to give this a shot, too.

Last Resort: I just don’t quite understand the premise, and how it can possibly be made into a series, but I just finished re-watching Felicity and Scott Speedman is on my radar. I’d like him to succeed. I don’t think I’ll end up watching it though…


Shark Tank:
We dig this show.

Community: Now on Fridays? Well, that’s the final nail in its coffin, so we’ll probably just watch until it’s over.

So, what will you be watching? What new shows are you excited for? What have you given up on?


I totally agree about The Office

I was going to stop watching The Office this year, too, but now that I know it is the last season I will watch it. That was a pretty smart move on the showrunners' part.

I plan to watch some of the same new shows as you: The Mindy Project, Go On, Elementary, and possibly Revolution. I am undecided on that one. I'll give them each a few episodes, because like you said, New Girl just got better and better as the season went on last year.

I am excited for the return of HIMYM, New Girl, Parenthood, 30 Rock, and Parks and Rec. I am also still a devoted Fringe fan and am looking forward to seeing where they take the final season of that show. I will also be watching Community, Castle, Big Bang Theory, and, dare I admit it, Grey's Anatomy. I only watch Grey's if it doesn't conflict with anything else on my Tivo, though. I guess my list is pretty long too!

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