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Friday Faves: Watch, Read, Eat, Buy & Experience

I’m going to start a new recurring post where I can list some of the things I’m loving right now. I hope to post once a week, but you know how it is.

All Work & No Pay: The Great Speed Up. This is an older article in Mother Jones, but I only discovered it this week. It highlights the frustrations of your average employee in today’s workplace and tries to offer some solutions to the problems. (The fact that we’re one of only like six countries without a mandatory, paid maternity leave will always rile me up.) Talking about multitasking, which apparently no one can actually do well: “We need to believe there's a personal workaround for what we're conditioned to see as a personal shortcoming. When, in fact, the problem is the absurd premise that our economy can produce ever more with ever less.”

Jennifer Weiner’s post on how to be a novelist. While No. 1 & 2 don’t apply, I liked the parts about getting a liberal arts degree (done!), a job in journalism (done!) and having kids (done!). I think it’s always nice when big-time authors remember where they came from (nowhere) and share the secrets with the little guys.

Teachers on Hulu. Did you ever watch the show Teachers on NBC? It had Justin Bartha (I love him in everything) and Sarah Shahi. It was short-lived, but cute. Well, it was based on a British comedy (of course it was!) starring Andrew Lincoln, who I love from Love Actually and Walking Dead. The British version is on Hulu right now. I’ve watched a few episodes and it’s pretty hilarious and highly inappropriate.

Sidenote: Speaking of Sarah Shahi, I just finished re-watching Life (on Hulu & Netflix streaming right now), starring Shahi and Damien Lewis (love him in everything too). That show was excellent and NBC cancelled it too soon. Story of my life.

Chicken Apple Sausage Daybreaker at Caribou. I’m addicted to this sandwich and it takes all my strength not to buy it every damn day (because, um, it's not that good for you). The croissant roll is buttery and the sausage is the perfect amount of sweet. It’s just delicious. Beats an Egg McMuffin and any breakfast sandwich from Starbucks by a landslide.

Tilt World. I just discovered this cute little game for the iPhone. It’s ridiculously simple, and even a little slow-moving at first, but it’s also cute and addicting. It’s 99 cents, but when I found it they were offering it for free – so keep an eye out!

What are you loving this week?


new tv!

Thanks for the Hulu recommendations. Sounds great! And I need something because after watching the FOX 25 years special I thought it would be a good idea to watch some of the shows that I never watched in my teen/college years. It was not a good idea to start with Melrose Place. I need to move on.

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