Amanda Gates

Friday I'm in Love: Comfy clothes, West Wing, Music & More

OK! ::claps hands:: It's been awhile! But now that we're done having babies, time to get back into the swing of updating my website. Things I haven't been loving? Baby reflux, our long dreary spring, and sleep deprivation. But there are plenty of things to love, too!

+ Mossimo tanks: During the summer, I live in tank tops. It's what I put on when I get home from work and wear all weekend long. Usually I stock up on Old Navy layering tanks, but the last few years those have gone downhill, stretching out and losing any shape before the first day is done. So, this year I picked up a couple at Target and they're capital-A Awesome. I now have four. They keep their shape, even if I wear the same one all week before washing it, and just fit great.

+ Old Navy yoga pants: My go-to store redeemed itself from the tank nightmare with these pants. So comfy, cute and cool for summer. I now have two pair. It looks like the size options are slowly diminishing. I hope they restock.

+ Why I Just Said No to my Kids [and social media]...: With an infant and a three-year-old, this dilemma is still years off, but it's nice to read an article about a real mom acting in a real way, and pretty much exactly how I would want to act. Her kids aren't on Facebook and they're not outcasts or losing friends. I love all of her reasons; they make sense for the welfare of all kids.

+ West Wing on Netflix: I had a goal to watch Alias while on maternity leave (done and thumbs up!) and when I still had a few days left, I started re-watching West Wing. My love for WW has never faltered, but it's been awhile since I've watched several eps all the way through. My love is rejuvenated! I love every gosh darn thing about that show, it's ridiculous. It's a bit disconcerting that while re-watching it 14 years after it started, all the issues are Still The Same Issues, but such fun nonetheless.

+ Rilo Kiley's With Arms Outstretched: I know I'm late to the Rilo game. And this song isn't new. But, I also finished Weeds while on leave and this song plays in the final scene (not too spoiler-y if you haven't finished it). I now can't listen to it enough. "Now some days, they last longer than others. But this day by the lake went too fast. If you want me, you better speak up. I won't wait." Plus, this final scene was actually pretty perfect for the show that I oftentimes found completely ridiculous. Good closure, good song, and MLP's great hair.


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