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Friday I'm in Love: Gone Girl, Kristen Bell, Parenting issues & more

Gone Girl: I'll write more about this soon, but it's been a LONG time since I've read a book I could NOT put down. I'm only halfway through and it's only getting better. Excellent storytelling, great characters, good mystery... the reader is pulled in many directions with regards to who you side with. So good!

The Terrible Tragedy of the Healthy Eater: This post is hilarious. I am in no ways a terribly healthy eater, but I think this post humorously breaks down why it's so hard to be perfect when it comes to this aspect of life. So many opinions! We just do our best in our house, and oftentimes that means chicken nuggets, frozen pizza or Easy Mac.

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell on Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me: I love these two. I've loved her since Veronica Mars, him from Parenthood. Them together from the Sloth video. They seem like the cutest couple in the world. And they prove why on this short piece from the radio. I want to see their new movie coming out, even if it's due to be pretty silly.

McKayla Maroney isn't a Mean Girl: I love nearly everything Mary Elizabeth Williams writes on Salon. She oftentimes picks the less popular stance, but makes total sense while doing it. She's not afraid to say, Majority of America, you're idiots. I felt so bad for our gymnastics team this year, because they were ridculed for not only their performances but for how they looked. (And that is why social media sucks.) This piece comes to the defense of Maroney's facial expressions.

The Lies Every Parent Tells: This article isn't necessarily about lying to your children (though it talks about that too), but lying FOR your children. My mom was a huge talker. And open book. However, she married a reserved Norwegian man and proceeded to have a reserved Norwegian daughter. So, when it came to being an open book, she had to make sure she wasn't TOO open about the rest of us. We had many discussions where I'd say if people ask how I am, tell them I'm fine (where I live, where I work), but as far as any more intimate details than that, you must stop talking. She responded well to this, knowing that our personal stories were not hers to tell. Though I'm sure it could've seemed evasive to her friends who talked about every personal detail of their kids' lives. Anyway, I liked this article because it reminded me of how my mom was and how I want to be.

Tiger Mums, It's Best to Underparent: I liked the themes in this article that reflected on teaching your child risk, respect and also that mom and dad have their own lives too. That was one of the hardest concepts for me to grasp in Tiger Mom. When she would spend her weekend driving her daugther two hours both ways to lessons. What are you teaching her about 'me time'? Nothing. (But then Chua came right out and said she didn't understand 'me time.')

Parenting a Child with Anxiety: As a kid who thought about throwing herself down the stairs to break her arm so she wouldn't have to play in a piano recital (no, I never went through with it), this article really resonated with me. Best tip: Don't Push.

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Thank you

Thanks for the link to the article about anxiety. The post provides some great tips on what to say and what NOT to say to help alleviate a child's anxiety/fears. I know I'll be referencing it when talking to or trying to help Adam. (The most anxious—and the most sweet!—5-year-old in town!)
And I really enjoyed reading the post about McKayla. She didn't win me over during the Olympics, but the fact that she apologized for her unsportsmanlike conduct, and the fact that she's facing an unbelievable amount of pressure at the young age of 16 and she's bound to make some mistakes, made me like her more than I did before (and even feel a little bit sorry for her).

You always come up with so

You always come up with so many interesting links and articles! I love it. I learn something every Friday.
I love Mary Elizabeth Williams, too. I disagreed with her points this time around--at least, some of them, because if I could fall on my butt at my job and win a silver, I'd be pretty thrilled...not to mention the question of sportsmanlike conduct at the freakin' Olympics--but I liked her larger points that questioned why women always have to be smiley, bouncy, likeable people when men don't. And as always, it was well written. And I am so ANGRY about Gabby's hair debacle I can't even go there right now.
I also love the topic of "underparenting" or the French approach to my opinion, too many parents are so overprotective and I don't think they're doing their kids any favors in the long run (I know, I know, wait til I have one of my own). But I hope to be like my mom: "You want to do that? OK! But make sure you're doing it for you!" I feel lucky my mom and dad let me learn, take risks, make up my own mind, make mistakes (as painful as it might have been to watch).

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