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Friday I'm in Love: Movies, Music & Parenting posts

The Dark Knight Rises: This was my most anticipated movie of the year and it didn't disappoint. I thought it was the best of the trilogy. Both my husband and I liked Bane as a villian. The premise was realistically frightening. And even though I was a touch worried about Hathaway as Catwoman, she was fantastic. It left a few questions in our mind, but also moved so fast that we might've missed something. In the end, with the way it ended, it makes me really sad Nolan says he's done. I'd love to see where Nolan and Bale could take it from here.

Spoiled? Not My Kid: I liked Jenny Feldon's post on whether or not she spoils her daughter. She doesn't get everything she wants, but she has all she needs and more. I like the philosophy that we should say Yes more than we say No to our kids. Not in a way that turns them into monsters, but more in a way that it's OK to take 5 extra minutes at the park or get the floor wet because we're splashing in the tub.

Potty training: It seems like when your kid hits 2 years old, the talk of potty training comes up a lot. I've never understood the rush. I get some parents loathe changing diapers; I don't mind it. I know some parents don't want two kids in diapers at the same time; I don't have that concern currently. I also get some kids are really ready. I'm perfectly happy that we can still go places and not have to run to a bathroom every 10 minutes; there will be plenty of years of that in the future. So, I loved this post about Ilana Wiles' daughter not being potty trained because she's not ready. And how that's OK. Amen.

(I also loved Wiles' flow chart on how to know when your kid is ready. Mine falls firmly on the NO side. Again, why rush?)

Killers Runaways video: I don't know why, but The Killers pump me up. It's good music to listen to when I work. So, I was happy to hear the band's new single and see the new video. Same good sound, and I'm glad Flowers lost his mustache.

Crappy Pictures' The Inability of Children to Hold on To Things in the Car: I laugh so hard at Crappy Pictures all the time. Lately our toddler's been holding things in the car (an animal, a car, a ball, his cup) and soon we'll hear, "Where ball/car/water go?" and we know he dropped it. We reach back maybe once, but after that, tough luck, kid. So, this post was hilarious to me this week.

Life of Pi trailer: I wasn't in love with Life of Pi when I read it four years ago. I thought it was a bit long in the middle and I predicted the ending. It was so hyped that I ended up being disappointed. However, the movie looks gorgeous. I think by going into the movie with no expectations of the actual story (because I already know what happens), I might actually enjoy it more.

Your turn!


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