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Friday I'm in Love: Nora, Sorkin & Movies

Hi! Sorry! I've been absent, I would say, for two reasons. One, I've been in a book funk and haven't had any good books to share with you. Has that ever happened to you? It drives me nuts, but I'm reading something good now! Two, we got the major sick in our house last week. So, unless you wanted a post that said, "Friday, I'm in Love with DayQuil," I had nothing good to say.

But, enough of that!

RIP Nora Ephron: I don't know how many times I've seen Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally. A whole bunch. So, when my husband told me the other night Nora Ephron passed away, I literally lost my breath. So sad. (BTW, I hate cancer.) I soaked up all the tributes out there, including one from Minnesota Monthly. Plus, I re-read Ephron's hilarious article on boobs (which has since been taken down by request of her estate). What a lady.

Sorkinisms - Supercut: Anyone who knows me knows that I love pretty much anything Sorkin. Sports Night, West Wing, Studio 60 (I still miss you). I loathe that The Newsroom is on HBO, which I don't have. But, 'you bet your ass' I can also appreciate this HILARIOUS video of the favorite phrases that he uses over and over (and apparently in commencement addresses). As a writer I understand how we all have our turns of phrase that we use, our own little tics. So, it's funny to see them all mashed together. But I still love every bit of it.

Stop the Snark: Because of a series of circumstances, I've found I've become a bit snarky. Sometimes my snark can bring some big laughs, but I'm starting to think I should tone it down. So, this article hit home a bit and provides some good ammunition for stopping the snark.

Total Recall trailer: I never saw the original movie, but my husband has so I watched this new trailer with him in mind. And I was surprised when I actually thought it looked like a good movie. Who knew? (It's no Batman. 22 DAYS.)

What are you loving this week? I need some more things to love!


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