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Friday I'm in Love: Olympics, Music & more

+ Friends with Kids.

+ The P&G Olympic commerical: You know the one without even clicking, right? I've never been into the Olympic trials before. Ever. But when all the swimming, gymnastics and track and field was on a couple weeks ago, I watched nearly all of it. I was cheering for Dana Torres and Nastia Luiken (bummers) and other athletes who made it, including Rachel Bootsma from MN!

But that commercial! It was on during every commercial break, and will be again once the Olympics start next weekend. And I cry EVERY TIME. Even when I try really hard not to, I still do. But that's OK, because I love it. (Mom 101 has an interesting take over on her blog.)

+ 25 Signs that You're a Cop: I'm obviously not, but my husband is, and nearly every single one of these rings true for him. And I agree with plenty of them, too, including #3, 6 & 9. And #16? People say that to him all the time. (PSA: Don't say that to a cop.)

+ Green Day's new single: It's great. It has the band's mature sound from American Idiot and 21 Guns, with a touch of Dookie-ness to it.

+ Do You Live in a Bubble? quiz: Everyone on Twitter was taking this last week. I scored fairly low (38), which I expected due to my upbringing. But, it's pretty interesting.

+ A Story is Born: A short cartoon from the local Pioneer Press, "Where we take a visit to the sausage factory we call the newsroom and give a Schoolhouse Rock treatment to the birth of a newspaper story." If that doesn't hit close to home, I don't know what would. Hilarious.

+ Parenting 101: I loved Kristen Chase's take on all the parenting books out there ("a racket," she calls them). She writes, "I’ve learned the most about how to parent from other moms (yes, even my own) who frankly and honestly tell their stories. Not just the pretty, happy ones covered in organic cake icing. But the elbow deep in poop ones that might require chemical disinfection."

Your turn!


Bubble Test

I liked the Bubble Test - scored a 71.

PS I cried at the commercial

PS I cried at the commercial but then got mad at myself because I hate P&G with the fire of a thousand suns.

Great links this week! I

Great links this week! I scored a 50 on the Bubble test. I'm not exactly sure what that means for me. On one hand, does it make me more worldly because I have wider-ranging income/racial/culture upbringing than a kid out in the burbs? Or does it mean I'm the Budweiser-drinkin', pickup truck drivin' Middle America type? Because that is what it seems to be saying, and I wouldn't say that is true of me. I swing more toward the end of the spectrum that loves indie rock and artisinal alcohol and loathes Two and Half Men, which also sort of makes me sound like an a-hole.


I'm so out of it this week. All I can think about is skipping town tonight. But I have something for the last two weeks. I'm loving the Yoga Journal 28 Day Meditation Revolution I've been meditating daily for almost two weeks now. The change has been small on a daily basis but I already feel a bit transformed over just the first two weeks. I'm able to focus in more and I'm feeling deeper relaxation each time I sit. It is perfect for a beginner with a racing mind and not much time. Just a few minutes the first week, a few more the second week. I'm learning different styles of meditation and I'm actually doing it.

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