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Friday I'm in Love: Things I've Been Reading Online

Wait it Out Bingo: My good friend Katie alerted me to this piece and I think it’s so clever. I always want to think I can be the mom who will let my child CIO, but let’s face it, I’m spent after 5 minutes. So, at least this Bingo card on why my baby is awake adds some humor to the literally exhausting situation.

My additions: fireworks (someday I’ll like those again), tired mama bumping rocking horse into crib, doorbell, mama having a coughing fit while laying on nursery floor, etc.

I’m Not Sorry and You Shouldn’t Be Either by Denise Schipani: I’ve always been a big proponent of saying no to keep your sanity. When it comes right down to it, my family and my time comes before everything else. But sometimes I look at the messy house or the fact that I skip many events and feel bad (...but not really). I’m thankful Schipani tells me I don’t have to feel sorry.

Zombie Story: This is old, but I only just discovered it. Toy Story and Walking Dead (two things I love) have very similar themes. It’s hilarious.

Now We Are Five by David Sedaris: Besides the fact that I will consume anything he writes, I appreciated this piece for how well Sedaris writes about the death of a loved one who you might not actually be that close to. But it still matters. Great piece.

Bravery As Defined By an Accidental Housewife: I love the sentiment that we’re all brave and courageous just doing what we’re doing every day – wiping butts, cleaning house, going to work, being parents. Her last graph says it all:

“In reality I am someone who has never stopped feeling frustrated and uneasy with a messy house, who cringes when people wipe snot on her shoulder, and who still dry heaves herself when anyone around her throws up.  I wish I were more naturally tolerant of these things, but I’m not, and so for me the challenge I must rise to lately is the daily endurance of these discomforts.  It’s not quite as exciting or special feeling as having a baby, true, and it might not look brave to the outside world, but some days it takes all the grit I’ve got.  This is my current adventure, my life affirming challenge: not to endure pain or push myself to any physical limits, not to earn a new certificate or find a new career, but to help a kid wipe milk off the floor for the twentieth time in a week without resenting it.  To know that to the child who spilled the milk, my attitude does matter.”

What are you loving this week?


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