Amanda Gates

My thoughts on the Fall TV schedule

Oh, the networks try so hard each fall, don’t they? Or do they? The past few seasons, TV execs were trying to create the new Lost; this year, it’s Mad Men. Each year they fail miserably, it seems. And then oftentimes when they do wind up with a winner, they can’t sustain the winning-ness of it (Glee).

I’m looking forward to very few new shows this year, but I am excited for my favorites to return (Big Bang, Parks & Rec, Modern Family, Parenthood). It’s the only reason I can get onboard with summer ending. Here are some of my initial thoughts of the Fall TV Schedule – things I yell at the TV when these (sometimes awful) previews come on:

The Playboy Club: Really, NBC? Really? You think this is a good idea? It is NOT a good idea. (Salon says we should give it a try.) But because it’s been in third and fourth place in recent years, NBC tends to hold onto its shows a bit longer than most networks. 6-8 episodes before cancellation.

Last Man Standing: I could go on and on about the “dumb husband” role on TV (which goes perfectly with the “shrill wife” role): Raymond, King of Queens, According to Jim, Home Improvement, etc. Sometimes funny, but mostly frustratingly unfunny. I think Tim Allen might find he’s like Kelsey Grammar with Fraiser and already had his hit sitcom. 10 episodes before cancellation.

New Girl: OK, so I love Zooey. I do. I really want her to succeed, but not as a dumb girl who’s surrounded by dumb guys. Because this falls between Glee (which I’m not giving up on yet – Darren Criss) and Raising Hope (best new comedy of last year), I will watch it, and I think Fox will keep it around.

Suburgatory: The previews have made me laugh. The girl is darling; Jeremy Sisto is good as well. It falls between The Middle (really great) and Modern Family (a home run), so I think it’s golden.

Up All Night: This just hits too close to home to not watch it. I’m not quite sure why Maya Rudolph is in it, but I love both Will Arnett and Christina Applegate. How can they keep the premise going as the baby ages? Probably by having more babies. We’ll DVR it.

The X Factor: I would be lying if I said I wasn’t curious. Plus, while I don’t watch much American Idol but for the auditions, I miss Simon and his brutal honesty. And Piers on AGT just isn’t the same. Anyway, it's obviously an instant hit.

Charlie’s Angels: After The Playboy Club, this is the other show that causes me to yell at the TV. Why? WHY? Minka Kelly, you’ll be reprising your role on Parenthood by January.

Whitney: She seems crass and kind of sex-crazed, so I’m not really drawn to her. I’ll try it out though, since I’ll already be on that channel.

Prime Suspect: After Zooey, Maria Bello gets my love. She’s gorgeous and talented. I’ll DVR this just for her.

Once Upon a Time: Ugh, I’m torn. It’s ambitious, it really is. But does it have legs? I just don’t know, and Home Makeover fits so much better on Sunday nights. 5-6 episodes before cancellation.

Pam Am: Along with The Playboy Club, this just screams: We’re trying to make our own Mad Men! Yet, we can’t smoke! How interesting can this be? 8 episodes before cancellation.



I just haven't heard enough about Grimm to say anything worthwhile. Plus, it's on Friday nights - a hard night for any show. But, for you, I maybe have to DVR. ;)

What? No Grimm?!?

I love your predictions. So brazen, A! ;)

And this made me laugh out loud. "Charlie’s Angels: After The Playboy Club, this is the other show that causes me to yell at the TV. Why? WHY? Minka Kelly, you’ll be reprising your role on Parenthood by January." Boom!!

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