Amanda Gates

Picking Out Holiday Cards (courtesy of Tiny Prints!)

(Disclosure: Tiny Prints has offered me 50 holiday cards for writing about their collection of cards.)

I first came across Tiny Prints right before Father’s Day. Another site I read, Money Saving Mom, alerted its readers to a free Father’s Day card from Tiny Prints. A Father’s Day card that could be personalized with a picture of his little boy? Um, yes, my husband would love that. And you know who else would, too? My dad. I perused the Tiny Prints website and the designs were darling. Nothing cheesy, nothing kitschy, just super cute. I created my cards and they were mailed to me within days. I was so excited to give them to my husband and my dad; and they loved them!

Well, here comes Christmas, and honestly, I’m not one to send out Christmas cards. Not at all. However, I got to perusing Tiny Prints again and fell in love with the Christmas card designs. Once again, they're unique yet classic feeling. I like those with multiple photos and ones that don’t overuse (or use at all) red and green. I've included a couple of my favorites.


Which do you like best? And, seriously, where do they find such adorable families to be on their cards? We're pretty cute over here, if you ever need more models!


Do you send out holiday cards? Do you like getting holiday cards in the mail? (I love getting them and put them up on the fridge!)





Thanks EMB

I agree, those are great reasons to love photo cards. I don't care about the saying - we celebrate Christmas, so that's what our card may say - and I think I like the multiple photos options because we have so many cute pictures to choose from our photo shoot. :)


I love photo holiday cards.

I love photo holiday cards. It's nice to see how kids are growing up, families are changing, especially for people we don't see face-to-face often. My family sends one every year. We've used Snapfish, but these are cute too. My mom is a stickler for single photo and no "Merry Christmas"--the more generic "Happy Holidays" or "Peace on Earth" greeting is preferred.

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