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Top Books for 2013

This was a better year for books than last year. I made my goal of 20 books, even with having a baby thrown in there. Here are my favorite books of the year (books I read, not books published, in 2013).

Divergent Trilogy: Once again (as with Hunger Games and Twilight), I did this right by not realizing this trilogy even existed until about a month before the last book came out. I really liked it, too! It was an interesting concept all the way through the end, almost to the point where I could see our real world imploding on itself like that (in a way). I was fine with the ending, too, even though other fans were threatening Roth with death (COME. ON.) because of it. A fun, fast read all around.

Eleanor & Park: People all over Twitter were reading this so I picked it up to see what the fuss was about. It’s such a sweet, endearing and heartbreaking story. Teenagers in love. It brings you back. I loved nearly every word.

Tiny Beautiful Things: This was a nice change of pace from my usual novel. I really enjoyed Strayed’s advice columns and how she presented her advice as well. I liked this much more over Wild, even though you can’t really compare the two.

Winter Sea: I found a historical novel that rivals The Forgotten Garden in loveliness. I hope to read more of her books.

Fault in Our Stars: Another book people just rave about and I was a little late in the game to. But I loved this book and how truthful and raw it felt. Green speaks from the teenage (much less a teenage girl) perspective really well. I loved the joking and sarcasm. I loved the parents, especially since now when I read it, I read it more from that perspective than from the child’s, like if I read it in high school or something. Wonderful.

Waiting for Birdy: I read this at the perfect time, with a toddler boy at home waiting for a baby girl, just like the author. Nearly everything she wrote struck me, and I was recently alerted to another article she wrote awhile back, and once again, she reads my freakin’ mind.

End of Your Life Book Club: I already wrote a complex post about this book, but it touched me on several levels. Great read, for both readers but also those struggling with a parent’s death.

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What books did you love in 2013?


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