Amanda Gates

TV Premiere Week, Part II

My thoughts on the last half of the week.

The Middle: I wasn’t quite sure about this show when it first started two seasons ago, but it has Neil Flynn (Scrubs Janitor) and he’s hilarious, so. But now, this show has really grown on me and I actually find it refreshing. Here’s a family who’s pretty much like the rest of us – living paycheck to paycheck, making parenting mistakes, living in middle American in a tiny, rundown home, and just trying to get by. (All the Modern Family families live in huge houses and only one spouse works.) The kids are annoying but hilarious and I really feel for the parents. The season premiere was a classic episode – very entertaining.

Modern Family: So, while I can’t relate to the money these families enjoy, that doesn’t mean they’re any less fun to watch. I was so happy to see Julie Bowen and Ty Burell win the Emmy because they are a hilarious couple – my favorite couple on the show. Both new episodes were filled with the typical shenanigans and fights, with everyone making up in the end – but never in a cheesy way. I particularly enjoy watching Jay act like a father again to Manny; it’s very touching.

Community: This show is just so lovably weird. The musical opening was hilarious and John Goodman is definitely a great villain (but is he really a villain when the Dean is just so annoying?). I hope the group has the whole “who’s in and who’s out of the study group” thing figured out now and can just get back to entire-group shenanigans.

Parks & Rec: OK, I know Leslie should reach for her dreams over picking some man, but, ugh, I just love those two together! But, the show needed a little something else and a city council run should be quite entertaining. And I just love Ron Swanson. (Plus, new hair for Chris, Ann and April!)

The Office: This was a big worry for me. How would it feel without Michael? Well, it felt like an episode where Michael is on vacation. It will probably take awhile to sink in that he’s not really there; it wasn’t as funny for me, but I’ve always loved Michael Scott. Andy in the big office felt just OK. I was never sold on anyone else in the office getting the gig, so I’m kind of disappointed they didn’t find an outsider to fill it. Andy stood up for his crew in the end (though he was quite spineless otherwise), which felt Michaelesque. My husband and I both like Robert California. And why is Gabe still there? I’m on the fence, but rarely do I give up on a show that’s been my favorite for so many years. (I thought this review from Salon was quite good. Bringing back the fear couldn’t hurt.)

The Big Bang Theory: I’m pleased with the way the Penney and Raj situation turned out. Sheldon is his same old self. There was really nothing broken with this show, so the fact that it’s maintaining itself is fine with me. This show always makes me laugh and it has done a really great job of adding supporting characters who are very likeable, or at least likeable to watch (Bernadette, Amy, the mothers, etc.).

Whitney: With all the negative reviews, I couldn’t bring myself to watch. We just DVR’d both Big Bangs and got all five shows in before 9 pm.

Prime Suspect: I watched the first 15 minutes. Again, love Maria Bello, so I could see myself tuning in now and again, especially if it’s procedural and I won’t be missing anything by not watching every week.

Quickly, on second viewing:

Parenthood: The second episode was even better than the first. I’m happy with nearly everything that happened (yay for Sarah!) and I cried at the things in life that suck (mainstreaming Max).

Up All Night: The second episode hit home for us again. We saw ourselves in them as they spied on the neighbors and were upset with the loud music. Again, the home part of this show is great. The work part, Eh. I don’t enjoy Maya Rudolph’s Ava. She can do other characters/personalities so much better than this.

Free Agents: We watched another episode. While it was funnier than the pilot, I don’t see a reason to watch it anymore.

So, what are your hits and misses of season primeres?


I am watching Up All Night

I am watching Up All Night because it hits so close to home, but I have been kind of disappointed so far. Loved the New Girl pilot and so happy about Parenthood being back - but I agree, Haddie's hair is crazy. I watched Glee, but I think I need to cut back on some of my shows, and this one might get the ax. I also watched X Factor, but I don't know if I'll keep up with it. I agree with you about the Thursday night comedies - happy to have them all back, a little worried about The Office, didn't bother with Whitney.

We tried to watch Terra Nova last night, and couldn't get through it. Maybe it will get better, but it just seemed kind of lame so far.

Oh, and I haven't seen HIMYM from last night yet, but it is one of my favorite shows.

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