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You Know You're a Mother When You Know All the Words to Feist's 1-2-3-4. The Sesame Street Version.

Ever since we got an iPad in the household, we've been perusing YouTube for short videos to watch before bedtime. Our 2-year-old loves watching "vee-dos" and I thought I'd share some of his favorites. His tastes ebb and flow, somedays he wants nothing to do with Elmo and other days Elmo's all he wants. But here are several of his favorites of the last couple months.

Caspar Babypants

We bought one of this band's CDs for Christmas (he's the former lead singer of The Presidents of the United States). I love the songs, so I started looking up videos and they sure have some cute ones, and very creative executions.

Mister Rabbit

Baby's Getting Up

Light it Up (my personal favorite)

Sesame Street

There's obviously 1 million Sesame Street videos, but we like ones with numbers and letters and Elmo and Ernie, particularly.

20 & Y - these are the cleverest, quickest little spots, we wish there were more.

Sing After Me

9 Pigeons

12 - I remember these little ladybugs from when I was watching Sesame Street

Adam Sandler sings About Elmo

Choo Choo Soul

He's always loved these shorts on the Disney Channel.

Animals on the Farm


Bullet Train

Blue Zoo Train (my favorite)

Random shorts

Twinkle Twinkle - seriously the cutest thing

Old MacDonald

ABC Song

How about you? Does your family have favorite videos?


Thanks Megan!

I will definitely look into the Sesame Street podcast - great tip! (Glad you liked Choo Choo Soul; she's got a sweet gospel voice.)

We did like Choo Choo Soul.

We did like Choo Choo Soul. That was a new one for us. You should subscribe to the Sesame Street podcast. There's a weekly 5 to 6 minute short that focuses on one new word, letter, number or concept. Our 2 and 4 year old love them. Blue's Clues is also very popular, but those are full 24 minute episodes.

Good to know

I immediately passed this list on to my sister in law. I can see my nieces and nephew liking these as well--especially Choo Choo Soul, you know they are train obsessed. :)

This is a great list, thank

This is a great list, thank you for linking them! We will be checking them out soon.

Usually we watch videos when we need a little outside motivation, like when brushing teeth was a fight. Once she saw Elmo do it, then it was no problem.

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