Amanda Gates


Writer. Editor. Storyteller. Content Creator. Info Gatherer. Reader. Friend. Wife. Mother. A true balancing act.

I'm a rock star when it comes to communicating messages. I can take the most complicated concepts (policy, operations, regulatory standards, business, finance... you name it) and break it down to simple, engaging copy for the everyday audience. 

I've managed the internal communications for a technical college. I've helped create, test and maintain an EdTech product that was before its time. I've written curriculum for students and training for teachers. I've worked as a managing editor, writing and editing content related to the local hospitality industry, including meetings, events, dining, shopping, attractions and entertainment. 

I excel at storytelling, project management, thinking about the big picture, keeping cool under pressure, writing for web and print and editing away all my style pet peeves.

I have always been a writer. I wrote complex descriptions of my weekends every Monday in first grade; I made up fictional stories during childhood, typing them up on my dad’s typewriter and illustrating them with crayons; I journaled throughout high school and college; and I completed my first-ever young adult novel during National Novel Writing Month 2008. I express myself best through the written word, which is why I'm truly at home working in this industry.

Also an avid reader—what writer isn’t?—I love to share my thoughts on the books I read. I’m in love with popular culture, including books, movies, television and sports (but not celebrities), and I enjoy commenting on them. I'm a mother who learns from and is humbled by her children every day. 

In my spare time, I savor watching my favorite TV shows, reading whenever and whatever I can, sharing good conversation with my girlfriends, going for walks with my husband and kids, eating cake, drinking wine and getting out and about in our awesome Twin Cities.

Thanks for stopping by.

I'm always open to new social and business opportunities. Contact me:

abfretheim (at) yahoo (dot) com


It should be obvious, but the content and opinions found on A. Musings are mine and mine alone.

Photo by Todd Buchanan